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Indicates an abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, URI, Mass., etc.).
It is typically displayed just like normal text, but is used by automatic indexers.
<abbr> the text</abbr>

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
CM..9   CM..10   CM..11   CM..12   CM..13   CN..1   CN..2   CO..1   CO..2   CO..3   CO..4   CO..5   CO..6   CP..1  
CP..2   CP..3   CP..4   CP..5   CQ..1   CR..1   CR..2   CR..3   CR..4   CS..1   CS..2   CS..3   CS..4   CS..5  
CS..6   CS..7   CS..8   CS..9   CS..10   CS..11   CS..12   CS..13   CS..14   CS..15   CT..1   CT..2   CT..3   CU..1  
CV..1   CV..2   CW..1   CW..2   CW..3   CX..1   CX..2   CX..3   CX..4   CX..5   CX..6   CX..7   CX..8   CX..9  
CX..10   CX..11   CX..12   CX..13   CX..14   CX..15   CX..16   CY..1   CY..2   CY..3   CY..4   CY..5   CY..6   CY..7  
CY..8   CY..9   CY..10   CY..11   CY..12   CY..13   CY..14   CY..15   CY..16   CY..17   CY..18   CY..19   CY..20   CY..21  
CY..22   CY..23   CY..24   CY..25   CY..26   CY..27   CY..28   CY..29   CY..30   CY..31   CY..32   CY..33   CY..34   CY..35  
CY..36   CY..37   CY..38   CY..39   CY..40   CY..41   CY..42   CY..43   CY..44   CY..45   CY..46   CY..47   CY..48   CY..49  
CY..50   CY..51   CZ..1