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<basefont> : base font size
Defines the base that relative font changes are based on.
-) size
Deprecated. This attribute sets the size of the font. Possible values:
An integer between 1 and 7. This sets the font to some fixed size, whose rendering depends on the user agent. Not all user agents may render all seven sizes.
A relative increase in font size. The value "+1" means one size larger. The value "-3" means three sizes smaller. All sizes belong to the scale of 1 to 7.
-) color
Deprecated. This attribute sets the text color.
-) face
Deprecated. This attribute defines a comma-separated list of font names the user agent should search for in order of preference.

<basefont size="3" color="red" face="arial">

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
G0..1   G1..1   G2..1   G2..2   G3..1   G3..2   G3..3   G4..1   G4..2   G4..3   G5..1   G6..1   G6..2   G6..3  
G7..1   G8..1   G8..2   G9..1   G9..2   G9..3   G9..4   G9..5   G9..6   G9..7   G9..8   GA..1   GA..2   GA..3  
GA..4   GB..1   GB..2   GB..3   GB..4   GB..5   GB..6   GB..7   GB..8   GB..9   GC..1   GC..2   GC..3   GC..4  
GC..5   GC..6   GC..7   GC..8   GC..9   GC..10   GD..1   GD..2   GE..1   GF..1   GG..1   GH..1   GH..2   GI..1  
GI..2   GK..1   GL..1   GL..2   GL..3   GL..4   GL..5   GL..6   GL..7   GL..8   GL..9   GM..1   GM..2   GM..3