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<bgsound> : background sound
Identifies a .wav, .au, or.mid resource that will be played when the page is opened.
-) src : music sound file location
<bgsound src="thefile.au">
-) volume : Sound level between -10000 and 0
<bgsound src="thefile.au" volume="-100">
-) loop : number that must be played
<bgsound src="thefile.au" loop="3"> : 3 time
<bgsound src="thefile.au" loop="infinite"> : inlimited

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
H0..1   H1..1   H1..2   H2..1   H3..1   H4..1   H5..1   H6..1   H7..1   H7..2   H8..1   H9..1   HA..1   HA..2  
HA..3   HA..4   HA..5   HA..6   HA..7   HA..8   HA..9   HA..10   HB..1   HB..2   HB..3   HB..4   HC..1   HC..2  
HC..3   HC..4   HC..5   HC..6   HC..7   HC..8   HC..9   HC..10   HC..11   HC..12   HC..13   HC..14   HC..15   HC..16  
HD..1   HD..2   HD..3   HD..4   HD..5   HD..6   HD..7   HD..8   HD..9   HD..10   HD..11   HD..12   HD..13   HD..14  
HD..15   HD..16   HD..17   HD..18   HE..1   HE..2   HE..3   HE..4   HE..5   HE..6   HE..7   HE..8   HE..9   HE..10