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<blockquote> : long quotation
text between blockquote is considered by navigator as quote and display it in an indented block surrounded by blank lines
<blockquote>text</blockquote>   »  

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
I0..1   I1..1   I2..1   I3..1   I4..1   I5..1   I6..1   I7..1   I8..1   I9..1   IA..1   IA..2   IB..1   IB..2  
IB..3   IC..1   IC..2   IC..3   IC..4   IC..5   IC..6   IC..7   IC..8   IC..9   IC..10   IC..11   IC..12   IC..13  
IC..14   IC..15   IC..16   IC..17   IC..18   IC..19   IC..20   IC..21   IC..22   IC..23   IC..24   IC..25   IC..26   IC..27  
IC..28   ID..1   ID..2   ID..3   ID..4   ID..5   ID..6   ID..7   ID..8   ID..9   ID..10   ID..11   ID..12   ID..13  
ID..14   ID..15   ID..16   ID..17   ID..18   ID..19   ID..20   ID..21   ID..22   ID..23   ID..24   ID..25   ID..26   ID..27  
ID..28   ID..29   ID..30   ID..31   ID..32   ID..33   ID..34   ID..35   ID..36   ID..37   ID..38   ID..39   ID..40   ID..41