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<caption> : table caption
Defines the caption of a figure or table.
-) align = top|bottom|left|right
Deprecated. For visual user agents, this attribute specifies the position of the caption with respect to the table. Possible values:
top: The caption is at the top of the table. This is the default value.
bottom: The caption is at the bottom of the table.
left: The caption is at the left of the table.
right: The caption is at the right of the table.

<caption align ="center" >
</caption >

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
K0..1   K1..1   K2..1   K3..1   K3..2   K3..3   K4..1   K4..2   K4..3   K4..4   K4..5   K4..6   K4..7   K5..1  
K6..1   K6..2   K6..3   K6..4   K6..5   K6..6   K6..7   K6..8   K6..9   K6..10   K6..11   K7..1   K7..2   K7..3  
K7..4   K7..5   K7..6   K7..7   K8..1   K9..1   K9..2   K9..3   KA..1   KA..2   KA..3   KA..4   KA..5   KA..6  
KA..7   KB..1   KB..2   KB..3   KB..4   KB..5   KB..6   KB..7   KB..8   KB..9   KB..10   KC..1   KD..1   KD..2  
KD..3   KE..1   KF..1   KF..2   KG..1   KG..2   KH..1   KI..1   KI..2   KI..3   KI..4   KI..5   KK..1   KL..1