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<dir> : directory list
The DIR element was designed to be used for creating multicolumn directory lists. The MENU element was designed to be used for single column menu lists. Both elements have the same structure as UL, just different rendering. In practice, a user agent will render a DIR or MENU list exactly as a UL list.
dir is deprecated, we strongly recommend using UL instead of these elements.


<li>text 1
<li>text 2


  • text 1
  • text 2

  • For complete reference see html reference at W3C
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    MG..3   MG..4   MH..1   MH..2   MH..3   MH..4   MH..5   MH..6   MI..1   MI..2   MI..3   MI..4   MI..5   MI..6  
    MI..7   MI..8   MI..9   MI..10   MI..11   MI..12   MI..13   MI..14   MJ..1   MJ..2   MJ..3   MJ..4   MJ..5   MJ..6  
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    ML..10   ML..11   ML..12   ML..13   ML..14   MM..1   MM..2   MM..3   MM..4   MM..5   MM..6   MM..7   MM..8   MM..9  
    MM..10   MM..11   MM..12   MM..13   MM..14   MM..15   MM..16   MM..17   MM..18   MM..19   MM..20   MM..21   MM..22   MM..23  
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