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<link> : a media-independent link
This element defines a link. Unlike A, it may only appear in the HEAD section of a document, although it may appear any number of times. Although LINK has no content, it conveys relationship information that may be rendered by user agents in a variety of ways (e.g., a tool-bar with a drop-down menu of links). inserted in tag, define a relation between another document
-) rel : values : toc | glossary | parent | stylesheet
Specify the relation between the document source and destination
-) rev : values :toc | glossary | parent
Specify the relation between the destination document and source


    <title>chapter 2</title>
    <link rel="index" href="../index.html">
    <link rel="next" href="chapter3.html">
    <link rel="prev" href="chapter1.html">

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
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