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<table> :
The TABLE element contains all other elements that specify caption, rows, content, and formatting.
-) summary
This attribute provides a summary of the table's purpose and structure for user agents rendering to non-visual media such as speech and Braille.
-) align = left|center|right
Deprecated. This attribute specifies the position of the table with respect to the document. Permitted values:
left: The table is to the left of the document.
center: The table is to the center of the document.
right: The table is to the right of the document.
-) width
This attribute specifies the desired width of the entire table and is intended for visual user agents. When the value is a percentage value, the value is relative to the user agent's available horizontal space. In the absence of any width specification, table width is determined by the user agent.
Attributes defined elsewhere

-) id, class (document-wide identifiers)
-) lang (language information), dir (text direction)
-) title (element title)
-) style (inline style information )
-) onclick, ondblclick, onmousedown, onmouseup, onmouseover, onmousemove, onmouseout, onkeypress, onkeydown, onkeyup (intrinsic events)
-) bgcolor (background color)
-) frame, rules, border (borders and rules)
-) cellspacing, cellpadding (cell margins)


<table width="50%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#99CCFF">
<td>element 1</td><td>element 2</td>
<td>element 3</td><td>element 4</td>
<td>element 5</td><td>element 6</td>


element 1element 2
element 3element 4
element 5element 6

For complete reference see html reference at W3C
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